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My daughter who was 8 at the time had 1 plantar wart that turned into what seemed like 30. She is very sensitive of her feet to begin with, she will hardly let you cut her toenails. She told me to find the least painful method I could. After hours of searching the internet I don't even remember the remedy but while I was out trying to find the ingredients I was talking to my mom who suggested CASTOR OIL!!! It was 5 bucks a bottle and some gaze pads. After she showered at night I would pour the caster oil on the warts and wrap with gaze to my amazement they were completely gone in a month!!! If the wart is open it takes less time than that but the more saturated the wart is the better!!! It took a while to figure this out so it may not take as long for you. I know how pain plantar warts can be so anyone out there who wants a pain free remedy for plantar warts this is it!!! My daughter had absolutely no complaints and wart free for over a year now!!! Good luck Hope this helps!!!

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