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My story: I am Anemic… a couple months back I had gotten food poisoning and had denounced food (well I went from a normal diet to eating just fruits). This made my condition worse and lead to malnutrition. Anyway, I had started developing a crack on the corner of my mouth. At first I thought it was just severe chapped lips and treated it as so w/chap stick and things of that nature. I let this go on for a couple of weeks until I realized it wasn’t going away so I Googled my symptoms and realized that it was more … Angular Chelitis. So I found this site and started trying everything that I could and this is what worked for me:
*Anti-Bacterial Dish soap… I put some on my fingers and rubbed it into the cracks and let it sit there for a couple of minutes then Id wash it off and did that a couple of times. Once my face dried (pat your face w/clean paper towels or a clean towel) I put some Petroleum Jelly (Equate-Walmart Brand) and it has Aloe and Vitamin E (I think might of helped w/the redness) in it. When your face dries the skin will feel tight and you might have dry skin that develops. Try not to disturb or peel the dry skin…it only makes it worse. But the dish soap has been very effective! I also have been taking a Multi Vitamin (Gummy) along with a Hair/Skin & Nail Supplement (Gummy). I also have been eating lots of Yogurt and I have been eating better but I had lost so much wgt from only eating fruit that my stomach has shrunk and so I don’t eat as much but Ive gone back to eating meat, vegs and starches again.
What didn’t work for me: *CARMEX, NEOSPORIN, CHAP STICK, PEROXIDE (was starting to scar my lips), ANTI-FUNGAL CREAM, HYDROCORTISONE … MAKEUP makes it worse.
Anyway, Im on week 2 and the splits in the corners of my mouth have healed but I still continue my routine because Im not sure if it is completely cured and it took me so long to get to this stage that I don’t want to have to go through it again. So Im going to continue w/the dish soap for another week or two and Im keeping the vitamins and yogurt in my diet for good. I wish everyone who is going through this a speedy recovery!!!
I read about a book that contained the “SECRET” to curing AC over night but it cost like $65.00 and I refused to pay that. Has anyone bought or read this book? Im so curious…what is this “SECRET” cure??? Please Share…

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Carmex. Avoid uv chapstick. Vitamin B and iron. No more splits


We have the same situation , i am anemic and the corner of my mouth is spit verynoften also 'the doctor's said that i am lack of water so i try to drink 1liter/ day . And i will try what u advice we will if it will works to me . I hope it works. ! Im so tired of this sore :(((( thank u ill pray that it will gone .


Otniel ... I hope and pray that your AC goes away. Please let me know what worked for you. :)


Update: Everytime I stop using the dish seems to come back. So I bought one of those travel bottles that you can fill w/shampoo, lotion, soap (whatever you chose) and I filled mine w/the anti bac dish soap. Every morning and night I use it when I take a shower and it helps maintain it. I still take the vitamins, eating yogart a couple of times a week and still using the vasaline w/aloe. This routine works for me...but I really wish I could figure out how to cure this for good....

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