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I had a filling fall out of a tooth that eventually became abscessed. There was a small blister on my gums and I had no idea what it was because it was not painful. The blister was tender but no serious pain. Eventually, the blister popped (or went down) with no effort of my own. The tooth would feel loose from time to time but nothing serious.

Months later, my wisdom tooth (behind the abscessed tooth) chipped and the pain was UNBEARABLE. I seriously considered cutting half of my face off. The throbbing pain went on until I finally decided to use Sensodyne toothpaste, smearing a pea-sized amount on my tooth every 30 minutes. As the pain subsided, I began to feel the pressure from another abscess from the same tooth as before. I already made a dental appointment however I was given antibiotics and told I needed to make an appt with an oral surgeon for a double extraction. The pain from the abscess AND the toothache was bound to be the end of me. I began to flash through all my life's accomplishments and bid farewells to my family as I awaited my impending death...that is until I managed to locate one of my husband's vicodin pills from a recent car accident....which made me feel like a newly hatched chickling on a warm spring day...aka AWESOME!

I was taking the 'cillin' and started to break out in hives...while vacationing in Vegas (yay me!). I was almost done with my pills so I just finished the final dose anyways....only for the pain to return. I began to have even MORE swelling and tenderness in a larger area on the roof of my mouth. It was so bad that I had no texture on the right side of the roof of my was just smooth and painful!

When I arrived to my extraction appointment, the doctor injected me through the roof of my mouth....and I believe I may have seen the souls of my ancient ancestors guiding me to 'the light'. Worse. Pain. Ever. As soon as he injected the needle, I felt a bunch of wetness on my tongue, a gross taste AND a horrible smell. This HAD to be pus from the 'new' abscess that had formed AFTER I was done with my antibiotics just a couple days earlier. I will never do antibiotics again (I prefer garlic....rubbed directly on the gums).

Long story short, it took about 2 minutes to extract my chipped wisdom tooth AND the erupted molar in front of it. I'm glad to report that I'm still alive....and now I know why animals and cavemen died of toothaches.

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Oh the numbing injections are hell...the roof of the
Mouth is the worst pain ever...


You should write books.


GREAT.. I laughed out loud. I'm using tea bag between cheek and gums.. relieves the pain ..


I cried so hard laughing, u are very good at writing lol, but the roof injections hurt like hell, i couldnt imagine the pain it caused

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