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After being up for nearly 2 days with the most horrifying severe tooth pain that brought me to tears I was trying everything I could, loading up on pain killers that wasn't even touching the pain, I tried putting an onion in between my tooth and cheek, I tried honey with tea and warm salt water. I sent my hubby to Walgreens at 3am to get this stuff someone suggested on here called Dentemp and bam instant relief I was able to actually sleep after using that it's defiantly a must to have for teeth with nerves exposed my pain hasn't returned so far I just figured I would write this and hopefully save another poor soul that has tooth pain. But I'm definitely going to go back to bed and catch up of much needed sleep!!!

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Thank You fo posting this! I have been suffering the last 2 days.. up all night last nigh sucking on the onion ( it did help a bit, but I am going to go to Walgreens on my lunch break and look for this stuff! Thanks again


I am definaly gona go find this tomorrow.


Thankyou for posting this.... after reading your comment...I flew to Wal-Mart not sure if they sold Dentek or not and BAM there it was in the toothpaste aisle for only $2.48 (Maryland). After returning home I rinsed my mouth and applied this....must I add....INSTANT PAIN RELIEF... If nothing else works....this is the truth... I forgot to mention I have not been to a dentist in over 2 yrs...have a hole in my tooth with the nerve exposed...talking about excruciating pain...pain worst than childbirth itself....thanks hun..I greatly appreciate this....<3


Hi it's 3:35 in the morning at the moment and I can't sleep because of this severe toothache that I have been having for the past few days. I was wondering was if this dentek stuff was called -DenTeck Temparin Max- I looked it up on a walmart site and that is like the only thing I seen for a toothache pain, but it says that it is for lost filling or loose cap repair... can someone please tell me if this is the right stuff?


What is this Demtemp and what drugstore did you buy it from please?

S. Turner

I broke a tooth last year, and at first it didn't cause me any pain. I was concerned about keeping it clean because I couldn't afford to see a dentist. DenTemp O.S. is AMAZING and COST EFFECTIVE as a TEMPORARY solution. That worked like a charm, and after a while, I forgot about the broken tooth altogether. The problem is, even though I cleaned it out well before applying the DenTemp, it must have eventually lost a part of the seal it had made over the break. Now I have swelling that has developed around the bone in my cheek above the chipped tooth- even though the tooth is tender, but not excessively painful. My face swelled yesterday and I have an excruciating headache and face ache, which pain meds aren't touching. I will see a dentist TODAY.
PLEASE, if you use DenTemp or any other remedy, don't postpone treatment any longer than necessary! I only made the problem more severe and the permanent fix more costly and painful! Plus, infections can continue to spread, which makes the rest of the body vulnerable- even the heart! Please, be careful with your health.
Side note: other pain lessening measures for temporary relief are using an icepack on the face near the problem tooth; applying clove oil (see a healthfood store) to the surface of the tooth with a cotton swab- it tastes weird, but will help numb the area for a while; and, applying crushed aspirin to the surface of the tooth.
Best Wishes for your continued (or restored) health~


Have a nerve exposed ive been taking antibiotics but the pain is horrific used the dentemp and bang free of PAIN

Jean T

I've used this before several times, but twice now it has made the pain worse. I'm assuming because when it dries it expands a bit. Be careful because getting it out if the pain is worse after using it is a pain.

Steve Alexander

There is the Dentemp and Dentemp brands that I know of. I use the Dentek Temparin Max personally. It's a great little quick repair for tooth pain. I have a cavity on a molar that makes half of the bottom of my mouth pulsate with pain and I tried all kinds of solutions. I can't get to a dentist because I'm in a rural area and have to travel and hour and miss multiple days of work and would be fired for it. (Sad isn't it)

I love this stuff though. It helps block air and hot and cold substances that would normally make the pain go crazy. I have not tried it on an expression nerve so I really can't say if it would be a good or bad thing but as others have suggested it works. I'd just be scared of getting it out once you get a legitimate repair. It also as Eugenol in it, which is the active ingredient in cloves that gives the numbing feeling.

If you can't find it you can try clove oil, ground cloves, or even whole cloves. I personally like whole cloves the best. I carry around a small spice container and when it starts to hurt I bite off a piece of the stem and chew it up and push it near the pain. I keep the rest of the clove in my mouth and bite little bits off as needed. It can burn a little bit but it's not nearly as bad as the tooth pain. And I happen to love the taste of cloves so it's an extra bonus.


It is almost instant relief. It doesn't completely take away the pain but it goes from a 10 to a 2 on the pain scale. Also try menthol cough drops to help with the pain and taste of the dentemp. Also Chloraseptic helps some.

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