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I woke up with a swore throat yesterday, which quickly moved down to my chest. This morning I felt really congested and couldn't breath deep without coughing. I have been taking that Muchus Relief Expectorant, but without much results. So, I read through the home remedies and found one that interested me and that was radishes and horse radish sauce (without mayo in it). I also verified this theory with other naturalist websites that seem to corroborate the mucus clearing advice.

So, I went to the store and bought a small jar of almost pure grade horse radish and some radishes. Within 45 mins. most of this phlegm has seemed to clear aside and I can take deep breaths now without caughing. This is really amazing!!

Note of advice: If your bronchial passages are sore, be careful not to breath in the horse radish sauce, unless you like pain.

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Stuffed Up !!!

Hi, how much horseradish sauce and how many radishes and how often?

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