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For ear aches, infections and blockages, I highly reccommend using ear candles. These can be found at any GNC 'general nutrition center) and are quite affordable. You simply lie down with the infected ear facing up. Please an ear candle into the affected ear (following the package directions of course) and light it as you would a regular candle. then blow it out. It will continue to burn down. When you are finished, the blockage and pain are gone. My husband used this when he lost complete hearing in one ear because of blockage. His hearing was restored immediately. he decided to cut open the rest of the candle and see just what was in there. These things pulled out years of old, deeply burried junk. Try it once and (if you do not have a weak stomache) open up the candle afterwards and see for yourself just what was in there. I know many elderly people that do this either annually or semi-annually. all still have excellent hearing and swear by this product!!!!

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These are great if you want to go deaf!!! the stuff on the inside IS NOT pulled from your ear but hot wax from the candle that can drip inside of your ear and cause severe problems. they work to an extent but not the way they claim it does. they blow smoke down in your ear that loosens up the ear wax and makes it easier to remove. I tried it once on both ears before knowing this and had the CANDLE wax start to drip in one. Don't believe me then look it up. or burn one in a clean glass, open it up and see that it looks exactly the same when opened up as one in your ear. these give natural cures a bad name.


Agreed. As a last ditch effort before going to the doctor, I tried these. Not only did they do nothing for my ears, they left me with another problem: nausea from the noxious odor. These things smell *bad*! They are kind of relaxing, if you can find some that don't stink, and make sure if you're using them to have someone else help you. Otherwise you end up with not just earwax, but candle wax in your ear. Yuck! If the OTC drops and irrigation don't work, looks like an ear/nose/throat specialist for me. Yay. =(


the above comments have no idea!!!
i'm a remedial theripst and a myotherapist have studies in total for 6 years both western types of medicine.
a flight attendent first advise me to use after a flight when my ear drum nearly burst (very painful)
i tried this to be able to fly home.
if you use the long candles hopi not the small they are useless. use the correct techniques ie; do a workshop i have had great results firstly with myself which i was surprised because i'm not into natural remedies. further having sucess with patients in my clinic, good luck great for sinus problems, colds etc.


I agree, the candles are completely useless and possibly dangerous. If you burn a candle all by itself (not in your ear), you get the exact same wax collection in the bottom. This is wax from the candle, NOT from your ear.... SUCKERS.



Ear Candle Lover

Yes, you guys are crazy. They do work! My husband has terrible ear wax. He had to go to the Dr every 6 months to have them syringed. My sister told me about the ear candles. You have to get the right ones. Some of them are for 'calming' etc. You need to get the big ones that create a big 'vaccum'. Plenty of ear wax can be found in them after my husband uses them and better hearing also! I give it a thumbs up! (just be careful not to burn your head!)


i used ear candles for the first time last night, and spent the rest of the night vommiting. i dont know if it was because of the fumes or because of having excess wax removed, but i feel there should ba a label stating this side affect on the package.


I personally have used ear candles for many years with absolutely no ill side affects. Being plagued by ear blockage most of my life, I have been to the doctor several times to undergo the painfull experience of having wax removed. Never will I forego this experience again. Ear candling is completely safe if done proper. If you let the candle burn too short, of course you will get wax dripping back into your ear. When heat is applied to ear wax it will melt and drip just like any wax. When you burn an ear candle, there is a powdery residue fromed from the candle and there is also a darker more solid waxy substance called ear wax. This ear wax is, yes, from the ear. Although ear candles work great for routine maintainence of the ear, they do not always work instantly to unclog the ear once it is already clogged. If you use them regularly to keep the wax to a minimum you will eventually get less clogage. I myself, have experiened fewer infections and less congestion since using ear candles for about ten years now. Peroxide does nothing for me. Over the counter Maurine drops with the help of the well know 'bugger sucker' or the squeeze ball syringe to blast out the wax with water works pretty well too.


I have a biology background and I've also managed an herbal store. Being sick with serious food allergies as a child, I learned early that most doctors treat an isolated symptom instead of treating the person as a whole. Alternately, I've also found that there are a lot of 'herbal' companies who constantly take advantage of a large group of suceptible people. In my opinion, there is no hard science to ANY one practice. It is all based on an individual's needs and their responses to a treatment. The herbal industry as a whole lies soley in the response(s)of the person with the affliction. I tried my 1st ear coning just last week due to ear pain, possibly working up to an infection. I choose reputable, hand-wrapped candles complete with warnings and after-care instructions. I of course had someone with previous ear coning experience help me. Being a natural skeptic, I too thought the darkened wax was from the burnt candle. However, according to the coning instructions, we stopped the burning process twice, and used a santized bamboo stick to pull out the wax. The 1st wax removed was dark brown and like a hard pebble. The 2nd removal showed wax lighter in color and it was a different consistancy. The final wax removal showed a color much lighter in color than the two previous conings. Now, if a company was trying to swindle me, they did one heck of a job in hand-wrapping cones that burn three different colors with different consistances of wax. My ear is about 90% better than it was before the coning. I am still taking high doses of garlic to aid in any infection that may still be present in my body.
Everybody wants an easy answer to an affliction, and the truth is that nothing is ever guaranteed. It's up to each individual to make a smart decision by paying attention to what his/her instincts and body is saying. Learn for yourself without regrets, but make sure that you are doing things properly with reputable items before you assume that a treatment is crap!


I tried these and felt nothing. There was wax in the candle, but I burned another one outside the ear and the wax looked exactly the same. For a final test I tasted the wax from the one in my ear. Have you ever tasted ear wax? It's very bitter. This wax just tasted like wax. I don't know about the other things they claim to do but they definately don't suck wax out of your ear.

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