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BV free

Hello ladies!

I have been suffering with BV for the past 6 months. I was seeing a new GYN Dr., only because my GYN/OB Dr., is too crowded always had emergencies (deliveries) but he is good. Anyways I would always get the metro creme and like clockwork the flowing month after my menstrual cycle BV returned. I like most ladies turned to this remedy page to see what would work I tried everything from changing my diet and eating habits, to bathing with tea tree oil, taking pro biotics and vitamins well guess what nothing helped me. So I finally switched back to my GYN/OB Dr., who I been seeing and delivered my babies for over 19 years I told him the problem he took one look at me and said 'I bet you're not wiping yourself correctly' of course I responded with 'yes I am, front to back'. Dr., says 'that's what everyone says who suffers with BV'. Dr., says if you're not wiping yourself correctly a dime size of stool can cause not only BV but major health problems so I suggest you follow my instructions and I promise you BV won't ever be a problem for you again'.

Here's the Dr.'s instructions:

1st I will give you and your husband antibiotics to treat the BV this way we both would be bacterial free. (Meaning not passing the bacteria back and forth among each other).

2nd you will wipe from front to back at least 3xs but each time you wipe front to back (mid way right before anal area) you wipe with tissue drop, get another tissue wipe drop and so on until the area is clean.

3rd you wipe from midway to anal drop repeat with clean tissue until the tissue is clean.

4th take more baths soak for at least 5 min in clear water avoid using soaps with perfumes shower less.

5th don't douche or use tampons.

6th whenever you and/or your partner are handling your private area make sure your hands are clean. Try washing off before having sex.

Believe it or not I am 3 months BV free!!! Its just this simple. I hope this can help some of you ladies.

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DIET is KEY.*don't do and/or eliminate as much as psilobse*-soda-sugar/corn syrup-meat/dairy/eggs-processed food-fast food-(partially) hydrogenated oils (almost in everything)-additives-fried foods-white bread/flour-beer, to a lesser extent (if you must drink, drink a little wine)*eat as much as psilobse*-SALADS (at least, 1 a day)-fruit (not canned)-fruit juice (100%)-organic-whole foods-raw foodsit may take a while for your system to cleanse, but:-be consistent-exercise (lower body-running/sit-ups)-osteopathic adjustments (spine)-and make an effort to REALLY enforce those dietary guidelines as much as psilobse; not just a little, but a real effort. read those labels. if you can't afford to shop at a health food store or your parents don't eat that way, be prepared to get a job.You want to keep a 80% alkaline to 20% acid balance in your system; which might be difficult at first, but stick with it (it may take a few months), but, I guarantee, you'll see an improvement; the longer you stick with it, the better your complexion will continue to get.

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