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hello, I've recently made submitted a story and some concerns about acv, today I bought some at the grocery store, dipped it in the acv, put a panty liner on so it doesn't really stink like it cause I find acv smells really bad, lol. but anyways, the GWs are small, flesh colored and have spread a bit but not so much, they are located on my perineum. I put the round makeup thingy, I put it directly on the GWs, it seems to stay without band aids or tape, etc. it irritates a bit already, but I will let you know if I see any change within a couple days :)

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okay so I am so happy! I only put acv once, it was the 8 hours that I had put it on, I went to put some on today, and my GW's are almost completely gone!!!! acv is actually the best!

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