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Many many agree with this procedure but after having horrible bouts with BV I think I've got it. One thing I've recognized is that its worse if your not having sex regularly (my experience) and I've noticed that it gets predominatly worse before your cycle. So ANYTIME I smell that horrible odor, especially after my cycle I douche with half peroxide 3 percent and half water of the douche bottle, then as I learned on here, I dab Tea Tree oil on my finger, make sure its enough that you know its there and insert it inside the vagina with your clean finger, it may sting a little but believe after you do this a considerable ammount of times, ALSO wearing cotton underwear, its bound to stop. I have also douched with Braggs Apple Cider vinegar & the peroxide, any means necessary. Also I noticed that certain store brands of peroxide didnt affect me well, I use Rite-Aide. Ladies hope this helps!

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