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Nothing sucks worse than getting genital warts. I got genital warts 2 months ago...i'm not 100% sure where i got it from since I was messing around alot. First thing I did was go to my local planned parenthood and they said that they don't have any tratment and I would have to go to my doctor. But they recommended ACV which is apple cider vinegar and a cream called skinhale for warts. First thing I tried was ACV. For 3 weeks I tried it with no results and it smells just like vinegar. Next thing i tried was skinhale and within only a week all of my genital warts were gone. It works really good and it doesn't hurt like ACV. I'm now free of my genital warts and I recommned that we all practice safe sex and try not to spread this std anymore.

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I can't believe they would give false hope and scam people who desperately want such a product, I would rather die than have this virus, I hope that scam artist burns in hell, thanks so much for the hint that it is a scam!


What kind of an ass would do that to people?

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