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liz shank

Ive had this really bad toothache for a while now. Ive tried red cross, peroxide, and salt water...nothing worked. I came on this site to see if there were any more remedies that might work and i decided to try salt. Just pack a little bit of salt on or in your tooth....instant relief...i also just took a tylenol (just in case)

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The salt actually worked !!! Thanks !
I also put a heated towel on my cheek !


Salt causes swelling and makes your face to swell up and makes it worse. Me and my family tried that and we all experienced that. Salt is not a good idea. Trust me.


The salt thing WORKED! Thank YOU! The throbbing stopped almost immediately and the internal pressure eased after about five minutes. I am not saying the pain is totally gone but at least I'm not clawing the walls and pulling out my hair for the moment!


Salt really works thank u


Salt idea worked!!!!!! Thank u

Ya mamas worst nightmare

I put a lot of salt in warm water and just stirred it up and didint drink it but I just let it sit it worked


Yes!!! The salt worked!!! Thank
you so so much.

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