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Hi ladies, I'm 18 and I suffered from BV for a couple months, with it occurring off and on. I self-diagnosed myself in November by researching the symptoms online, and went to a minute-clinic where they gave me an oral antibiotic to treat a yeast infection, and also Flucanazol to treat the Bacterial infection after the lab results returned. I assumed I wasn't being as cleanly as I should (multiple unprotected partners) and was glad when the symptoms disappeared with treatment. But to my disgust the whole infection returned. The smell wasn't the worst part, it was the discharge. It was disgusting. I got into a relationship and was afraid every time we had sex he would wonder why it was so funky. So I returned to a doctor - this time my family physician - and she treated me with Flucanazol as well. Again the symptoms disappeared but they came back even sooner (with my period) this time, and brought an odor worse than ever. I went to the doctor yet again and got a stronger antibiotic this time, and again my infection came back worse than before. At this point i was tired of antibiotics failing and destroying my immune system, it's winter and I had 3, yes THREE sinus infections in 2 months! So I resorted to reading and researching and fact-checking every home remedy I could find. I bought vitamins, douches, plain organic yogurt, gulped water by the gallons it felt like. For 2 weeks I followed a strict routine I devised myself from all the different remedies I could find. In the morning in the shower I would douche once with a hydrogen peroxide-water solution to 'treat' the bacteria. wait for it to empty, and then douche with Apple-Cider Vinegar and water, to return the vagina's Ph to about what it should be. Once out of the shower I would insert a capsule of Probiotic Acidophilus, and a tampon soaked in the plain yogurt. I removed the tampon after about an hour or 2 and wore a pantiliner to catch the discharge from the acidophilus. I would insert another capsule before bed every night. I was also taking a multi vitamin and an acidophilus capsule orally every morning. Well as long as I continued this my sympyoms were gone. no discharge and no odor. of course I was somewhat pleased but deep down I knew it was only because of the amount of douching keeping the symptoms at bay. so I stopped my routine (except taking the vitamins orally) and sure enough the symptoms returned, but they were definitely not as bad. the odor was less noticeable I actually had to shove my finger up there and smell or smell my panties. and the discharge wasn't as much or as thick. so I knew what I was doing was somewhat helping. so I tried one more totally different technique. Garlic. I was very weary about this for many reasons. Inserting that odd food up there, leaving it until it expels itself naturally, and having a very strong smell of garlic coming from down there was not something I would've tried casually, but I read only good about garlic as a natural antibiotic. so I tried it. I didn't do anything else besides continue taking one acidophilus and one multivitamin orally each morning. and I was amazed that it worked. completely cleared up. the smell went away about 24 hours after the clove of garlic expelled itself and the discharge has not returned nor has the smell. it's been about a week and I am so relieved! all I did besides peel away the skin of the clove was cut several slices into it to release the juices. keep in mind I have been making my boyfriend withdrawal the past couple weeks, which isn't something he likes to do so we didn't use to (I was on birth control) and could've added to the yucky feeling with the infection. and I also haven't had my period yet this month (I might be pregnant actually!) so hopefully that doesn't bring it back but please please give this a shot of nothing else is giving lasting results. one more thing, I would NOT waste my time or money on the darned tampon soaked in yogurt. it did not seem to anything but make a mess and leave me with a quart of the most disgusting yogurt ever. it tastes more like sour cream. and 'soaking' the tampon is a LOT harder than it sounds. I tried taking it out of the inserter and it expands and is nearly impossible to insert. But leaving it in the package it doesn't absorb much if any, but enough for the tip to expand to where you can't get the tampon out of the tube!! So, I will very much regret getting anyone's hopes up IF my BV returns, but this is the longest I've been symptom-free and felt amazingly fresh since the first time I was treated with antibiotics, and hopefully this time it does not return.

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Is it safe to insert a garlic clove inside the vagina and how does one get it out?


are you still BV free now?!

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