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This sounds crazy, but i swear by it!! My aunt told me to drink a teaspoon of vinegar for upset stomach and nausea and i thought out sounded terrible-but she is absolutely right. Within ten minutes or less your nausea will completely subside. I wouldn't recommend if you have heart burn accompanying your nausea though.

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Tonya m

This really helped with my nausea and bought down my blood pressure too my dad used to tell me when I run out bp meds to DRINK 2 tablespoons of vinager white or apple cider and it works thanks for the tip about vinager for nausea. I love it thanks once again


Not saying it didn't work. Oh, but I never want to have to do that again. Yucky. :P

nac of roxas city

yes.tanx. it really worked.


Ginger tea.

Peppermint Tea.

Fresh Lemons.

Cool compress on back of neck.

Open a window and get some fresh air.

Vitamin B6.

Chamomile tea.

Drink plenty of water.

Reduce stress.

Eat small meals & eat slowly.

Drink a teaspoon of vinegar.

Avoid greasy food and sweets.

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