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Thank God for you ladies!!!! First off, I don't write on blogs but I just had to share my experience and give thanks to you ladies who also shared this embarrassing experience.

I have suffered from what doctors claimed was YI and Vaginitis for 2 years after having my baby. However that was not the case. I did my own research and found out I had BV. My searching lead me to this site. I decided to try some of these remedies since nothing the doctors gave worked.

I started off by taking 1 Women's One a Day Vitamin, 1 D3 2,00iu, 1 folic acid, and 1 vitamin C. At night I inserted 1 Folic acid vitamin up my vagina and the next day the smell was completely gone.However, the next day I started smelling the foul smell again so I decided to use the douche method with equal parts of peroxide and water. I was smell free for about 2 weeks then my period came on. 2 days after my period the smell came back which is today. So I inserted the folic acid, vitamin C and E up my gf again. But if this doesn't work I will just have to douche which I know will help until my period comes on. It's a start until I find a long lasting cure.

Once again, thank you. God Bless you and I hope this helps someone

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