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Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for all your tips. I found bicarbonate soda most helpful for my ongoing yeast infection the last 8-9 months.
I have removed lots of things in my diet that feeds candida. And some were least expected items. But basically I can't eat any roasted or raw nuts, but I can eat activated nuts. Raw nuts have mold in them and roasted nuts is not good because the heating process spoils the oils in them. So I have been finding that I can't eat anything that hasn't been prepared with ghee or coconut oil. Those are the only oils which are spoiled if heated.
And I have started the take the highest strength of probiotics in the market. You can only buy them inline and try bring it to you home refrigerated. It is called VSL probiotics, they have 450 billion good bacteria in each sachet, rather than 45 billion that you often get in health food stores, big difference!
I feel so much better now! I can give more info about diet if anyone has any questions. Good luck!

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