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First scrub the area with a pumice stone. If it becomes red, fine. That's normal. Then wash with soap, apply rubbing alcohol, and put a thick layer of Vaseline over. Works great.

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I doubt that would work, it would make any rash even more visible and itchy.


You are an idiot if you think scrubbing itchy skin with a pumice stone and applying chemicals is a good idea! If a dermatologist heard you saying that, they would slap you!


I agree with the person about it being really stupid!!!!


the stone takes a layer of skin of and makes it raw not a good idea to put chemicals on it


That's like punching your already swollen eye to try to get the swell to go away!


a pumis stone is for rough feet not skin. the skin will be bare and achohol will sting in a patch of raw skin. rate 0.000001 IT SUCKS!!!


the person above is smart. achohol in skin burns!


where's the scoreboard in this gameshow? are you joking. you are a clown.

Doctor Who

If you look closely, there is an asterisk next to the 'k' in 'Works great' I found this print at the bottom:
*WARNING: May cause 3rd degree burns or higher on applied areas. Side effects may include eternal bleeding. Call your doctor IMMEDIATELY if you have such symptoms.

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