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The best. The very best is temporary filling in any walgreens etc. You put it in the tooth and it actually can last for months! Worked amazing for me. Only good if you have a cavity hole not for chips etc.

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I also used the temporary filling. Then ended up in the emergency room with a high fever and a jaw that looked like I had a baseball stuck in it! The temporary filling blocked infection in my tooth! This caused an infection called cellulitis.....very dangerous if not treated immediately. Be careful if using temp. fillings.

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I went and bought two different types of the temporary filling stuff from Walmart. I didn't know which one was better so I figured get both. I put the first kind in, not only did it take forever to get it in the cavity hole but it took forever to harden. After all the work it fell out the next morning and I almost choked on it. Day two I decided to give it one more go around and used the other brand. This one was even worst to ball up and put in the hole!!!! However it lasted 3 days instead of 12 hours. I was walking through Walmart eating a SOFT peice of bread and it came out while chewing the bread! I felt something hard as a rock and chipped my tooth on it!!!!! So now here I am AGAIN with the worst pain ever and can't seem to find anything that helps!!! I've ate so much ibprophin, rinsed with warm salt water, tried Oragel, hot compress!!!! HELP!!!!!!!! The only dentist that's near me that accepts my insurance isn't taking new patients right now!!! This is the WORST!!!!


Be careful with these though. When I first discovered the hole in my tooth this helped so much. When the hole got bigger, it made it worse. What CAN happen is if part of the temporary filling gets too far down towards your gums or inside the tooth, if your gums or whatever are trying to swell, it makes it feel more impacted. When this happened to me, it made my pain 20 times worse so BE CAREFUL! Like I said, it did help me at first too.

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