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The following is how I finally rid my house of lice after years of fighting it.
In 2003 my children caught head lice. We tried every single remedy. It never went away. We used the shampoos, picked nuts, vacuumed, cleaned beds toys etc. We resorted to crazy ideas such as flea shampoo, pine sol, kerosene and mayonnaise. We did it all. We did all we were supposed to and even things we weren't. We used tea tree oil on a daily basis along with combing and picking. There were hundreds and hundreds in their hair no matter what we did. After 10 years I resigned myself to this was just the way it was. I gave up. We literally dealt with this constantly for ten years. It wasn't like they caught we cured it and they caught it again. It never went away. I watched my five year old sleeping one night. She scratched almost all night in her sleep. She had this all her life. I became angry. I had enough. I wanted her to have peace. I wanted them to sleep one night peacefully. I I couldn't take anymore.
I read in the bible how they used to annoint people with oil and pray for healing. So the next morning I took olive oil. I warmed it in the microwave a touch. I put it in a spray bottle. I then took two of the girls and sprayed their hair with the oil. While doing this I prayed for them to be healed. The next morning I saw nothing on their pillows but I believed they were healed. I put them in the tub. I washed and conditioned their hair with shampoo and conditioner. I saw nothing falling out. I still believed though. As I rinsed their hair I prayed the water would be blessed and would rinse out anything that didnt belong. I saw nothing come out. I got them out and went on with life as usual. A few days later I realized no was was scratching. I took one if the girls who had literally thousands of nits and there were none. Not a single nit. I checked the younger girl. Absolutely not a single nit. It had completely disappeared. There was not a bit of anything. You may say well I guess the oil worked. Well the amazing part is that it was completely gone from the other two children and myself. I had not placed the oil on myself or my son. Yet it completely disappeared from my home. There is not a shred of untruth or exaggeration in my story. All I know is I fought it for ten years and now it's gone. My children couldn't even attend school. But it is gone. You can believe or not but this is my story.

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Shebi Santhosh

Praise the Lord! I believe in the power of healing , thanks for this reminder that I can simple rely on the Lord. I'm going to do the same with my kids


How on earth do you let your children go through this for 10 years? This is my first time on this site, and I realize this is a home remedy site, but at some point you have to realize that maybe going to the doctor for a script is the right thing to do. How do you even still have your kids? Omg.


I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that your kids supposedly had thousands of nits and you never thought you should seek medical advice after 10 years? I'm sure if your kid wakes up with a stomach ache and a fever your going to pray that away too, until it's too late and their appendix burst and they die a slow and painful death. But hey, it's GOD's will right? Stupid ignorant people! Try science, it works and doesn't make you feel bad about yourself.


Never underestimate the power of prayer. God is good. Olive oil is in the bible n I've tried a new non toxic treatment I bought from the store n it cost me $12. It included a 2 1/2in nit comb, which are $6-7 alone. I'm going to put olive oil in my hair. I wish I had read this yesterday. My son had almost shoulder length, but VERY thick hair. It takes a lot to treat him. I shaved his head to a size 4 length. We live in Florida n he usually shaves his head every summer n lets it grow out until school ends each yr. This was the 1st time I've caught it in yrs. I've even treated several ppl over the yrs n they love my hair. I have hair down to almost my waist. Even though I don't see anymore I'm going to try this. I believe in the power of prayer n olive oil I hear works well. I can't believe u had to deal w this for 10yrs. I feel for u. I can't stand dealing w it a month. Luckily I have 3 boys n 1 girl n can shave the boys heads. My daughter likes chin length hair cut shorter n layered in the back. We also live in a hurricane immediate evac zone bc we r 1 mile from the ocean, so we have no carpet n that helps a lot. My sister keeps getting it n has been dealing w it on n off for yrs. I think it's never going away like the problem u had. I'm going to tell her about this.


Also I have been using a shampoo called 'Lice Free' in a green bottle. Costs $8-10 depending on where u buy it. I found Walgreens also carries a spray on of the product. I'm going to buy it bc I feel that way I'm not rinsing it out. It kept me from getting lice for yrs n I forgot to buy more when I ran out.


Yeah right! This didn't help at ALL!


I would like to say that the Bible records instances of plagues or pestilences being removed through prayer. I am sorry that there will always be unbelievers. That said, I just recently had bedbugs brought in my home from a child in school and treated for them, but was still battling with getting rid of them after contacting an exterminating company, doing a thorough cleaning, using recommended pesticides and preventive measures, as well. I was told to keep working at it and I would eventually get rid of them. This is back-breaking work, as well as depressing and causes anxiety and stress. After doing all of this, I felt impressed to use olive oil to anoint the doorposts of the rooms as I went through my house and prayed against the pestilence. I have not seen any more evidence of that problem as of this day. I would like to ask this individual that we are commenting on why they never went to a doctor for help in all of the 10 years. I know sometimes people have financial hardships, but after all these things were done to get rid of the lice, a doctor visit would have probably been much cheaper as the doctor would have no doubt given prescriptions for everyone in the house at the visit.


wow ok. so God cures head lice but is blind to hunger, cancer, war, rape, murder, robbery. well I guess in the years before i was an atheist i was just praying for the wrong thing.

real bullshit

this is bullshit...


OK this is crazy anyone who would let there children and house become infested with that much lice should be ashamed of themselves. What do you mean after 10 years of watching your kids scratch their selves to sleep at night you gave up,and asked god to save them. You shouldn't have kids if your too sorry to go buy lice treatment or take the time to get rid of them. There are ways to get rid of head lice you just have to be patient and spend the money and you have to actually care about your children so I hope that your god helps to provide everything else they need in life cause they can't depend on you

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