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OMG guys I'm so excited I wanna scream to the top of my lungs I'm soooo excited!!! I think I finally have the right combo to cure this thing and its not even complicated....3 things: #1 ADVANCED CD ACCUFLORA, #2 ODORLESS GARLIC 1000 mg, #3 ONE DAILY WOMEN'S HEALTH MULTIVITAMIN !!!! ( All @ walmart) It's been three days since I've tried this mix and although I don't know if one product is solely responsible for my fix I figure all of the products are beneficial for overall health I don't mind taking all three. Here's what I do I take 2 accuflora twice daily, I take 2 capsules of the odorless garlic, and of course 1 of the women's one a day...that's all no sticking nothing up my cookie (which seems pretty dangerous even though I've tried doing it all) or anything extra. I've suffered from bv for years and thought there wasn't a solution and now I feel like I could cry!!! There is no smell no excessive Discharge, no itch, NO NOTHING!!!!! Just a clean healthy v!!!! Just try it ladies you owe it to yourself to become comfortable, confident, and happy again :) take care loves!

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Thank you all for posting! This is driving me crazy! Tired of going to gyn and getting 'the look'. I'm going to try the combo of multivitamin, Accuflora and garlic. I prefer not to put anything else into an already hostile environment! I'll post results! Thank you!!!


I jus got tha three things today imma try it n c if Ur works

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