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This really is something that you have to try different things to find what works for you. I find I use different remedies as far as daily maintanence, beginning of an OB, during an OB with open sores, as well as when they begin to heal. You just have to be patient and find what works best for you.
I took a more natural/homeopathic approach. These are things that have helped me:
Soak in bath for 20-30 min with Epsom Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol. If possible morning & evening. This will help dry out sores. It may sting & burn a little at first but that's a good thing. (Aveno Oatmeal bath packets are great too)
I googled herbs & vitamins that help & purchased just about every vitamin & herb suggested! ha ha I have noticed I tend to take the herbs more during outbreak & vitamins more as daily maintance to keep my immune system up. I suggest googling herbal remedies or natural remedies to help you decide what you want to try. Vitamins such as Lysine (I take 2000mg twice a day during outbreak, 500mg daily if not), zinc, echinacae, vitamin D, C, B, garlic, cayenne, etc help keep immune system and metabolism up.
Herbs such as Melissa/lemon balm, oil of oregano, olive leaf, bee propolis, tea tree oil, reishi mushrooms, have been helpful for me. Carmex, cornstarch or gold bond help with itching.
After I soak in bath, I swab the area with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel (if open sores, hydrogen peroxide will be least painful). you can use hair dryer on low/cool setting to dry area. I make a paste with crushed up lysine, zinc, Benedryl (or generic is fine), add any other herbs or vitamins you want to add (vitamin c will sting a bit), add drops of tea tree oil, aloe vera, zinc ointment, or coconut oil... Any of these will mix well as a paste. apply to sores with q-tip or cottonball (use several as to not spread infected area), again hair dryer helps if needed. Reapply throughout the day if possible, or again before bed.
As they start to heal, zinc ointment on the area has been the best thing for me in healing them quickly. Remember to keep up on vitamins daily to maintain healthy immune system.

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HI. I came across a website on my Facebook called 'getridofherpes' by Susan Wilcox.
Has anyone heard of this?
I can't seem to find any good reviews. There seems to be a few people endorsing the book, however, one can't tell if they have the virus or not.

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