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Very sleepy girl

Ok I got two words for y'all salt water!!!! I had a horrible toothache last night from 3 in the morning to 9 am and had to be at work very soon.. I read on here about the salt water and thought ok I got to do something fast!!!! So I tried the salt water and did it about three times within 10 minutes. Sat down and finally the pain was gone!!!! Thanks for the advice guys and gals and I hope it works for other people who have this problem!!!

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Brooke Dill

I have had a toothache for a week....all I can say is Damn it hurts I have five children and is worse than giving birth...I have also had 16 kidney stones some I had to have removed by surgery... all three are excruciating pain but this tooth is the worst out of giving birth 5 times,16 kidney stones with surgery, and this Damn tooth...I think the tooth has won the worst pain in the world reward...I have tried every home remedy on the internet all I can say is Advil , time and a dentist and salt water helped the most...don't mess with it go see a dentist.

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