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Excedrin extra strength about every 4-5hrs. was the only otc medecine I found that would stop the awful throbbing pain. For swelling I would use a cold or frozen child teething ring applied to the outside of the face or just inside, as close to the bad tooth as possible. Visit an oral surgeon asap.

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At first Excedrin was the only thing that helped. Then literally no pain meds as strong as Ibuprofen 800 helped. The ER (no dentist open on the weekend) doesn't give out pain meds, so they gave me antibiotics and the pain became unbearable. Oral gel didn't work, that liquid benzocain wouldn't work. Flossing, brushing, didn't work. Mouth washed helped for about half a day and then nothing. Literally the only relief am getting until my week..has been tea bags. Not sure WHY. But it freaking works. I only leave it in for 5 minutes and I get several hours of relief.

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