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I have a tooth decay, half broken moulder and have had the WORST pain EVER in the last 3 days. I have tried everything and i mean everything and the only thing that would keep my throbbing pain at bay was 'cold water' but that would last around 20 seconds and seemed to be not working as-well by the 3rd day. And so i decided to go the other way and used 'HOT WATER' With a heap of salt, Trust me this will work for you but you will initially go through quite a bit of pain whilst swishing it around. Do this a few times at first (every 10-15 minutes) and the 5 times a day and don't be too shy with the salt. This will not treat the main problem but will help you sleep and eat! I hope sooo much that this gets out to everbody because i have had the worst experience and do not wish it upon anyone. Good luck ;)

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How much times I have to do this ... to cure my tooth pain..please do reply.😌


OMG ..…Thank U it does work
I have the slittiest


Oh my god I posted my massage but I had
Not finish saying what I wanted
So it does work salt and water even if its
Horrible but it works
Try this if u r desperate
Ps use as much salt as possible
Thanks again

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