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Wow, where do I start. Well I am 20 years old and have been dealing with an abscesses tooth for about two years now. I originally went in for a root canal and as part of the step one process they drill the hole into your tooth and cap it until next visit. well, before the next visit, the filling had come out and my tooth cracked from being so decayed.. I experienced SEVERE pain, and I mean I have been though a lot of pain, extreme stomach pains, kidney stones, etc. But of all, this tooth pain was by FAR the wost EVER!!! my dentist did such a shitty job on my tooth I never went back to him and I take complete responsibility on never getting my tooth fixed the proper way. Also being I as well had bad insurance and so fourth. So on that part, my fault. Anyway I experienced up late night, chills, naseau, fever, swollen mouth. it was horrible.. eventually the pain went away and I havnt expiernced ANY pay from that tooth in over a year. Well a few days ago I went to work with excrutiating pain coming from my tooth. It wasn't even THAT bad until I got home, went to bed thinking it would go away, and woke up in the middle of the night hystericle.. The pain was truly unbareable. I constipated on going to the ER but decided to take some Pain Reliever and go from there. It definitely helped the pain fom a 10 to maybe a 5-6. Anyway, my gum right now if blown up and I can see the pus inside it, which is what right now is REALLY hurting. I literally tried everything. vanilla extract, salt water with warm warm mixed and swished inside my mouth. toothpaste on it, and even mouth wash. I literally had no answers and stated taking any medicine I possible could to reduce the pain (advil,ibuprofien) I am so desperate for help, One thing that has worked for me in the past hour is the tea bag. I used hot water in a cup and let the tea bag dissolve and colled out and put in my gum. I don't know if it just high hopes, but I definitely am not in as much pain. I really want the pus to pop overnight as I go to bed soon. I am going to a walk in clinic tomorrow for a true antibiotic and some answers until I can get an apt with a dentist.

Honestly, tooth pain is the absolute WORST and anyone who is reading this and has the same issue, I feel your pain truly. And we are some strong people to go through this. I appreciate everyone's input on this horrible condition and I hope you all get some relief!

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Go to the dentist!

Sierra Cummings

Believe it or not, this is my some exact experience! The dentist messed it up, I never went back, had no problems, til last week! There's a huge knot (abscess) and I want it gone. I'm going to try to poke a hole in it and let it drain. The pain last week was the most excruciating thing I've ever faced! I hope this goes away!!!!! I need relief!


whomever told you to use vanilla extract is ... silly. you want peppermint extract, sometimes just a bit on your finger rubbed on the gums is heaven nd will also disinfect, works like mouthwash. i would also we a q-tip and leave it on the area, great for sleeping... i have used a product called canka, or kanka, it worked alright for pain, best otc by far ive found is ambesol (it says extra strength or something like that) its got the same medicine as the orajel, but i guess the delivery system is different or something because i have never experienced relief like that. its like angels dumped happy on my head. of course like everything else i got used to it and it was less effetive over time... this experience you are describing... my friend you need to go to the ER. or a clinic to get an emergency extraction. tooth abscesses can KILL YOU. that 'puss' is POISON and if it spreads the infection to your brain or your heart, thats it, gameover. the end. i am a HUGE hypocrate, i am too chicken to go get mine pulled... im on my 4th abscess... my wisdom teeth messed with my WHOLE mouth in one way or another. anyway, if you can SEE the puss, you need to go to the dr.... i hope you got taken care of.!!!!


Your teeth are going to continue to cause you problems until and if you change your diet, Read the book, 'Cure Tooth Decay'. If you take all grains and sugar out of your diet, after 24 hours you will have NO pain. Following the protocol, (taking fish oil and other vitamins along with the change in diet), will help your teeth heal naturally and quickly. The pus draining from your tooth is a good thing. The infection needs to get out! Hope everything works out for you!

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