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Feeling Better

I started to develop a UTI/Kidney infection one day last week. This remedy was fantastic, and yielded rapid results. Highly recommended.

After reading another poster's remedy on this site (By Rakel Apodaca ), I tried Apple Cider vinegar.

The suggestion was to drink 1/4 C.

I tried to 'chug' that amount, and drank all but a few teaspoons of it, but couldn't get any more down. The vinegar burned a bit as it went down, and I stood over the sink, thinking I would vomit, for about 5 minutes. Followed up the vinegar with several glasses of water.

I definitely felt better (except for the slight nausea) the rest of the day. The next day I modified the mixture.

1/4 C Apple Cider vinegar in
8 ounces unsweetened 100% Cranberry juice (icky stuff… tastes very sour. From Trader Joe's)
1 Tbsp. Agave syrup
2 to 4 ounces water

This concoction was MUCH easier to drink, only a slight burning sensation in my throat, and no nausea.

I drank this mixture for 2 more days in the AM, and lots of water and cranberry juice throughout the day.

My pain level in my kidneys and abdomen was decreased by about 60% after the first dose (the straight vinegar), and completely gone by the afternoon of the 2nd day.

I was amazed by the results and how quickly I felt better. Thank you other poster, and I hope this helps folks who don't have access to or aren't interested in taking antibiotics.

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Its Never Good Enough

ACV LOL WHAT A JOKE THAT IS! I tried it I downed a 1/4 cup and within 15 seconds I was throwing up everywhere n it wouldn't stop. I was already so weak and in massive pain from the bladder infection gone arye. Evey time I tried to breathe my kidney was killing me and now I'm throwing up which is way more involved then taking a simple breath so the pain was worse. That ACV oooo ah ah...SMH! Bad idea . I passed out for several hours after n woke up in same pain but now my throat is killing me and the lingering smell of ACV woven in my clothes and hair made me queezy all over. SAVE YOURSELF THE HORRIBLE EXXXPIERENCE I HAD ....GO TO THE ER OR DR. PEE IN THE CUP N LET THEM GIVE U A CORRECT ANTIBIOTIC FOR THE TYPE OF INFECTION WHICH IS DETERMINED. I was perscribed Macrobid 100MG 2x a day. As for Cipro I have a resistance to and Levaquin being in the same family wouldn't have helped. I'm all for natural stuff but this time it didn't work and it was All Bad ... Listen to your gut instinct... If its telling you to go get medical attention GO GET MEDICAL ATTENTION!

Feeling Better

Yes, get to the doc if you can, but the point of my post was that I could not.

And, yes, AS NOTED IN MY ORIGINAL POST, drinking the ACV by itself was a terrible experience, and I nearly vomited as well. But the 'recipe' I posted, which clearly states diluting it with water and juice, worked much better.

I'm glad you had access to medical assistance, and I am happy you're feeling better. Your experience sounds awful.

This is a site about HOME REMEDIES, and used often by folks who don't have access to other means. I tried the ACV straight myself and had a bad experience. But the water/juice/ACV concoction worked really well for me.

Feeling Better Also

I thought i could not drink the vinegar, but the pain was pressing so i just did it about 2.5 hrs ago, guess what i am MUCH better, i will follow through the treatment. I thank you all for your helpful postings.

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