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********UPDATE *******

I think it's been about a month since I've posted and here are the results. I had a bad case of ringworms from messing with my athlete's foot and neglecting to thoroughly wash my hands afterwards. First of all, I want to tell those going through this problem to breathe and to know that there is help and this can be cured. It is aggravating I know, but hang in there and you will be fine and will come out better having had the experience for this.

For my Arms/hands RINGWORMS I used ABSORBING Jr Plus.

And for my legs, I used Lysol spray. I know it sounds crazy, but either it helped me, or they went away by themselves? I don't know for sure about the legs. All I know is that I would constantly spray them and they eventually disappeared. The thing is that my athlete's foot got out of control and I'm still dealing with that one as I type this. It only gets bad when I give in and scratch it, but right now I have two bottles of ABSORBING Jr.Plus - and use them separately. One for a few tiny ringworms I have left on my hands (barely noticeable thank God) and the other for my foot.

The hand ringworms are practically gone, but I encourage those who use Absorbing Jr to continue atleast one application before bed to make sure the fungus is killed for good. Do it for as long as you deem necessary, making sure no tiny specks remain. Practice good hygiene and make sure you're dry after showering not leaving any moisture that the fungus can start feeding off of.

All throughout Feb they were gone, but then they resurfaced if I discontinued use of the Absorbing Jr too soon. I know it's been about a month and now I just have a little bit on my hands and they're so small they're not noticeable and they do leave when I am consistent with the Absorbing Jr. Sorry for the ramble btw.

Also, I should note that part of why this has taken so long for me is because I work two jobs (and go to college) in which I sweat a bit, and I can't be consistent applying it 3 times a day as recommended by others. Personally, I don't recommend anyone using this more than 2 times a day because this stuff is quite strong and can cause an adverse reaction if overused (or so I've read).

The first two days I did use it aggressively, but again, I don't recommend it. First of all, the weather was cold and adding that to my body only made me feel a lot colder and uncomfortable. Damn near gave me a cold.

As far as Vicks Vapor Rub being the same as ABSORBING, I know they contain some of the same ingridients, but I think Vicks does not contain wormwood oil, which is a key ingrident. Then again some people have gotten rid of Athlete's Foot (which is pretty much the same fungus as ringworm)with VICKS, so why not give it a try?

Good Luck all and thank you so much to those who recommended ABSORBING JR. Not only did it get rid of these annoying ringworms, it wasn't half as aggravating as other hard to find remedies or harsh chemicals like nail polish etc...

God Bless You All

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Has it worked...are they gone...update please


You should try soaking feet in vinegar water. Or for faster results pour straight vinegar over feet a few times a day. Do Not Rinse off.


I hope your ringworm did go away, indeed! I thought your comments were so candid and kind. God bless you in all your endeavors. You seem to be a hardworking individual! I have decided to use straight bleach first since it needs to be dried up.... I use it on just about every oozy infection I get (poison ivy, fever blisters as soon as I feel myself getting one, and it is gone! Plus, it does not burn me like I thought it would), and it works, so if it doesn't dry it up quick, then I will try the Absorbing, Jr. God bless you all, and I hope you get rid of your ringworm(s) fast!

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