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I had an abscessed tooth a month ago and the pain was killing me. I immediately started doing all kinds of natural things to ease the pain. I used clove oil, which helped ease the pain. I took garlic tablets, colloidal minerals, vegetable based calcium, 50% Bee Propolis, Swanson vitamin C with rose hips, Dr. Schultz's Superfood in grape juice, diatomaceous earth mixed in with the Superfood, and swished in my mouth a tablespoon of water with an 1/8 tsp of comfrey root for 20 minutes then rinsed my mouth out thoroughly after swishing. At night I brushed my teeth with coconut oil. The pain was slowly going away so I put a paste of diatomaceous earth mixed with pure coconut oil and placed some on my sore gums and around the hurting teeth. I added some Superfood powder once in my mouth to help the taste. I slept with the paste in my mouth. By morning, the pain was gone although I could still feel it a little. I actually slept a little better too. That morning, I repeated everthing except the bee propolis and the paste at night. Things slowly improved so I wasn't sure what worked best until I had a relapse today, a month later. That is when I came across this board.
To make a long story short, the thing that has worked WONDERS is the paste! Once I put this paste back on my gums and left it for an hour or so, the pain starting going away. I know my diet plays a part as well. Stay away from starches and sugars until you are TOTALLY cured! I used this paste for three nights in a row and thought I was all better until this relapse. I will continue it this time. I am finally able to think a little better as I type. The best thing to do is to work on prevention before you get out of your head with pain! Hopefully, lesson learned.

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