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D-Mannose! D-Mannose! D-Mannose!
My daughter suffered her entire 1st 11 yrs of life w/ chronic UTI's. She's had surgery, been on years of antibiotics (preventive and treatment doses). I will save my breath and just say 'trust me, we have done EVERYTHING'. Mayo Clinic told me everything had been done, there is no reason to schedule a visit. Then I came across D-Mannose. It's a totally natural sugar. IT WILL TREAT BLADDER/URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS IF E-COLI (and only if it's e-coli) IS THE OFFENDING BACTERIA. Put 1 tsp in small amt of water and down it every waking hour. Infection will be GONE in 3 days max. NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS - it's totally natural. For whatever reason, e-coli LOVES D-Mannose and it detaches from whatever in the body it is attached to and attaches to the D-Mannose and you simply urinate it out. It works! You can take it preventively too!

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This really does work. I have suffered for years from uti's and antibiotics stopped it a few days then back. Its tasteless, discreet and quick to have and is a total treatment.




Thankyou!!!it work's!! God bless and good 4 u ✌💖


Where can on find this in south africa

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