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Ive been itching for 3days doctor prescribes canesten but it didnt help.i wasted my I came on google and found this page..I then use the garlic first it sound weird putting GARLIC in my vjj...but I did....i peel the garlic, spread my vjj lips n place it inside...OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! :-( .It burns like crazy but now im feeling much better.It really works. No more itching. :-)

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curious girl

Question.. did you put the garlic between your vjj? Our inside??? I'm scared...because you said it burns :-[


Omgah! Tried it! Burns for like not even 1min, & its totally worth the burn! It feels good when it burns cause it's doesn't itch! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


You can also try boric acid inserts (Yeastaway is the brand that I buy at herbal stores/Whole Foods) for maintenance/prevention/curing. My vagina is naturally alkaline which yeast LOVE, so I put a bit in my vagina daily (just a small amount- the size of a pencil eraser) and it has kept my chronic yeast infections away permanently. And I was suffering from YI's monthly for 15 YEARS. Ugh.... and I tried everything...

I am so happy now, I cannot believe it.

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