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Hi everyone! I've had BV on and off for 4 months now and have tried every home remedy out there and was prescribed the metro antibiotic twice and both times never worked. I like most people have thought it has to be more of a imbalance with your actual body, not just your vagina. I have racked my brain about what am I doing differently in the last 4 months that is making my body different? I kept reading that the reason why you have BV is because your ph balance is too high, BUT you need to still have acidity too!!! When I was reading yet another home remedy I stubbled across that Vitamin C has shown to treat BV. So I ran to the kitchen and immediately drank a glass of water of Emergen C!! If those of you don't know what Emergen C is.. It's just powered vitamin c that tastes really good in water. I was already taking a multi-vitamin once a day but thought this couldn't hurt.. It's been one week and I kid you not I'm finally BV free!!!! The reason why I think my body went out of whack is because around 4 months ago I stopped drinking pop and just water and some coffee, I think my body was so used to the acidity it didn't know what to do! So please drink some OJ and take a Vitamin C it might just be what your body needs!!!!

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If that doesn't work, could it just be that I need shave my vagina and possibly just drink lots of water?

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