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LyNel Gross

I keep having severe cracked lips with a crack in the corner of the right side of my mouth with a severe dime size red area. Nothing I used would get rid of it. I tried everything & the only thing that worked was Bag Balm. I had it right back everyday though. Then I found Saymon's Salve. I remembered my Dad using this on cracks between his toes. This is going back 60 years. I was amazed I even found it & more amazed it worked. I found the salve in a Mom & Pop Drug store in the mountains in Co. so I probably won't find any more.

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Can I get rid of post acne dark spots and marks?I have dark acne spots on my back and shoulders besuace I used to pick the acne there, but I stopped for a while now, so I have no acne but many dark marks. I only want to use home and natural remedies, not interested in creams or chemicals, so I heard lemon juice lightens up these spots, has anyone ever tried it and worked? And how long will it take until I notice results?Thanks a lot for your help

Patty c

For the person with Saymons Salve, you can find it at

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