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Last year around February I had sex with a couple guys. I threw a party when my parents were gone and hooked up with a couple of guys (I was 14) I Am almost 16 now.My dad figured out I was sexual active. One day I all of a sudden kept getting irritation down there and it got way worse and to the point where it was so unbearable that I'd rather die. When I was at school I was so depressed and was so uncomfortable I can't even explain. I told my dad I think I have a yeast infection but I felt like I did have herpes . The doctor said it might be just a yeast infection.The next day I felt much better it was going down but then at lunch list school I got a call saying my test came back that I have genital herpes. I started crying like crazy. I knew fav it to me but he doesn't know it was the guy im sprung over and still am for over a year. I love him so much but hate him at the same time. I was warned that he had herpes but I thought it was just a high school rumor because I was just a I'm a sophomore and he's a senior and before he graduates im gonna tell him how in love I am with him and he should know he gave me herpes. Herpes changed my life:/ Baby powder will help a little and oatmeal baths.But if there are any girls that are struggling eith this I want you to know it's okayy!!! I promise♥

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Hello, I've suffered GH about 4 years now, its hell but manageable, I have lots of remedies that help but you can't take some while pregnant and I have had to find a new one for that reason, also your immunity is lowered while you are pregnant so your more at risk of a breakout...anyways Ive had the tingle on and off for the last week and the sciatica feeling thats associated with HSV/GH but I have managed to stop the outbreak occurring so far by taking garlic (garlic is an anti-viral), I get organic raw garlic a clove or two, chop it into little bits pop it on a spoon then in my mouth and wash it down with milk (because garlic on its own burns in your mouth, on its way down and gives you heart burn, unless you take it with milk) far its working for me and its a really simple thing to do, just make sure you get ORGANIC garlic. Don't fret about GH it takes time to get over having it but we are fortunate its nothing too serious, and at the end of the day it makes us think twice about our sexual health and it learns us the lesson of not judging people... peace n love folks :)

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