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Went to my doctor to have some tags removed and found out my insurance would only pay for a few to be removed. Mostly to rule out cancer. So the doc proceeded to remove a few for biopsy. As I lay on the table and watched him work I suddenly realized the tool he was using was nothing more than a tool I used while fishing. All it is a small hot knife used to cut and shear the end of fishing line. I've bought mine at BassPro Shop years ago and have used it so much the name has rubbed off. It uses 2 AA batteries. So to make a long story short I'm know tag free for about 1/100 the cost of a doctors visit. Simply clean the area with soap and water, wipe with alcohol or some other disinfectant, grab the tag with a tweezers, pull slightly, and burn/cauterize at base. 10 to 15 seconds per tag. I use a little antibiotic right after and keep a watch on the area for a days to watch for infection.

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