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It works up to week and sleep great
1.I bruce my teeth really good
2.I get a q-tip in put mouthwash on it then put where the pain is at before I go on to the next step
3.put a hydrogen peroxide for about 1min or until it start to turn white
4. 'The old' salt and water for about 7-10 min
5.then back to mouthwash but this time no q-tip leave in for about 3-4 min
Work great
but note: I do this every day'and no you don't have to do it everyday I just Dont like take any chances when it came to pain' around 9p.m or a time that you know u not going to eat anything else for that night so just when I'm about to go to see like 10:30 to give it time to kick in I put 6.Orajel on my gums 'that if ur gums hurt like mines does' then I take 7.a Advil ibuprofen tablets 200 mg in two n packets or any medical that help you with your mouth pain but I try not to take all my strong medical so I when to the store any buy all of diff Taylors n Advil which is on a 1 at dollar tree hopes this help until u see the dentist

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