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I am SOOOO HAPPY! My RLS had been so bad that I even hurt my knees from tightning and moving my legs.
For me FINALLY, a combination of

1. Over the counter Iron (325 mg tabs - I take 2)
TAKE IRON WITH A VITAMIN C TABLET. VITAMIN C INCREASES THE ABSORPTION OF THE IRON. Also consider an over the counter stool softener because iron binds you.

2.Ropinerole(Requip) I currently take less than 1 mg per day and I feel like a human being again. I take 0.25 mg 3 times per day:
One at 5pm, one st 7 pm and the last at about 9 pm)

3. Have your iron level checked by your physician. Mine told me that having low levels or if you are anemic can cause RLS. Mine was on the low side.

4. One B12 supplement daily.(over the counter)

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I have had RLS for about 10 years, I didn't know what was wrong, finally asked a doctor and he confirmed that this was RLS. I have been taking requip and at first it helped, but now it seems to be taking a lot longer. I will add iron to my routine and see if that helps. I have a really bad back (curvature of the spine) and that is what triggered the RLS)


My RLS is in my legs and arms In the past but recently mostly in my back where is have scoliosis also. I also have have severe arthritis in the area. (Thorasic). I have taken ® Requip and klonapin for a long time. Could I have a tolerance for them?

I recently had surgery to repair my lumbar scoliosis (fused) for leg pain. I suspect my nerves are irritated or inflamed? I'll try some of the most mentioned treatments to see if any work for me.


I read the other day that even when tested and showing iron levels, the levels may not be true. Also, iron supplements are like taking rust. That is what I read. Don't know if it is true. It also said to get your iron from food.

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