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Ok so i feel it is my duty to share the remedy that worked for me. i have an abcessed tooth in the very back top right of my mouth. it is soooooo painful. i have been trying to get this under wraps for days. i cannot afford a dentist rn and needed something to dull the throbbing pain.

i tried everything just short of my own urine (which is apparently an instant remedy)
i tried turmeric, garlic, vanilla extract, vanilla bean, salt,tea and on and on..
FINALLY. I rinsed with peroxide, used a BRAND NEW Insulin syringe and poked the head of the abcess.. i rinsed again woth peroxide and kind of let it sit over the puncture.

after that i opened up an advil iquigel and applied it directy to the affected area! Voila!! I may finally be able to sleep... its currently 4:05am

i hope anyone out there with toothpain finds the remedy they are looking for.

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