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So i have a planter wart on the bottom of my foot. i had been trying for months to get it out. I found the home and over the counter remedies to cause my wart to swell and thus make walking on my foot more painfull. so months past and soon enough i broke my left leg. (planter wart was on right leg) anyway so i had to trade in my comfterable boots for gym shoe to wear on my other foot in order to be able to get around school. so i had the shoe on for the day and that same sock on for 2 days. it sounds gross i know but when i took the sock off i found that my planter wart just kinda peeled off. it was still there to a point and since then it has started to come back but not as fast and not as painfull as it used to be. after 2 weeks of the 'treatment' my planter wart is still tender to the touch but not the excuriating pain i felt when i had it. im planning to try another 'treatment' soon. hope this helps anybody who needs it

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