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About three weeks ago, I experienced an abscess in my left gum. My cheek expanded, fever got pretty extent, chills. Took numerous showers. Ice pack for swelling, Garlic Oil Gels, then mixed Apple Cider Vinegar, some salt and warm water into a 3/4 of a pack on face, woke up with abscess draining, yuckiest taste too. The other day, went to eat, tooth broke after falling on the ice, while chewing something(can't remember yet what it to dentist today, they numbed me squeezed my cheek some, injected three novacaines in. They came back to me about 10 minutes later, tried to extract tooth 4 times, then told me; you will need to go to an oral have an infected abscessed tooth, but I am putting you on 150 mg of clindamycin, and you will take it every 8 hours, until complete. Referral taken with xray film to oral surgeon. They are having me take the antibiotics and return for surgery Friday March 14, 2014 0930 am...this should do the trick, but will update when more is done then.

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did they tell you the cost yet? I have the same issue


Please, let us know the cost.

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