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I went ahead and gave this remedy a shot last night, having a mild outbreak of BV, I've been dealing with this problem for about 2 years now. I also work out a lot and I sweat a lot so any little thing will upset (my gf) so i have to be extra careful especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. It seems to resurface when I have sex without protection or when I dealing with a high volume of stress. ANYWAYS I was about to go give the doctor 20 plus the cost the medicine just to get it again next month but I wanted to try something new so i tried the hydrogen peroxide remedy in a douche which i was very skeptical about since they say douching of any sort is a no-no but I did it....It felt the fizz but then I felt the sizzle OUCH! I guess my issue was more severe than I thought I would assume since it reacted that way. But i have to say it left me feeling quite refreshed down there. I checked out (my gf) to see if it would reduce the odor immediately but it didn't . After that I took a AZO yeast pill and a Natures Way Primadophilus Reuteri pill orally before bed. I woke this morning and there was NO ODOR!!! So far so good, I plan on trying this remedy for the next 2 days and then seeing what results Ill get.....wish me luck ladies and good luck in finding what works for you.

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Has this worked for you? and the izzle did it burn?

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