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Hi ladies! This forum really comforted me in my time of need. First off; I realized I wasn't alone! Second; I realized that there were many different options to research! I tried everything! Of course, the doctor first and then the internet. I went on to try a hydrogen peroxide douche (to kill all bacteria in the vaginal canal), followed by an apple cider vinegar douche (to try to create a healthy PH in order to promote good bacterial growth)and finally an ultimate flora capsule (opened and emptied onto a damp tampon because most of the capsules you can buy are time release and will not dissolve properly after insertion). I did this every other day. I was also taking a very good women's multivitamin with extra B complex and the ultimate flora capsules by the handful each day with a breakfast consisting of unsweetened Greek yogurt with pineapples and no coffee/tea or toast anymore. I fasted for 24 hours once a week, guzzled water every day, cut down on grease and starches, and told my monogamous lover (for the last 2 years) we would have to take a break and cool it on the passionate love-making *haha* if we ever wanted me to be fertile. He understood, of course. All of this worked until I had my period that month. I had also done some research into the dangers of douching (and there are many) with peroxide. It can make the infection much worse, which I learned when my period lasted 2 weeks and the smell and discharge came back times 10! I talked with my fiancé, who told me not to worry. He loves me and would no matter what, but it isn't just for him that I have done all this. The horror and shame of using a public bathroom or wearing a skirt and adjusting your legs while sitting, just to catch a nauseating whiff of your own self, was enough to make me continue fighting this seemingly incurable case of recurrent BV. I continued taking my multivitamin as always, and although I love starchy fried foods and sugar, I continued with my new and improved diet. I quit douching, nothing foreign is going inside my nether regions again, and also quit forking out the $20 for the Ultimate Flora pills I was overdosing on (buying more than once a week to continue orally and vaginally). I went to Vitamin World on a whim one day after basically just giving up on a working, natural remedy. I was talked into a buy one/get one sale by an overly pushy and equally rude saleswoman. I looked all around the store planning to purchase a different probiotic on top of goldenseal (a natural antibiotic), garlic (also a natural antibiotic of sorts) and cranberry supplements (a natural diuretic). As you can imagine, this (even with the sale) was quite pricy, so I resolved to make the purchases slowly over the week. My first purchase was, of course, the probiotic. I am so happy that I did this. The product I used eliminated the need to spend a ridiculous amount on yogurts and other supplements. I have been swallowing 2 Tablespoons thrice daily of Vitamin World's liquid Probiotic Acidophilus Digestive Care with 20 BILLION active cultures and like the ultimate flora it contains more than just one strain (which I believe may be the key to recovery). It is vegetarian and gluten free. It is naturally flavored with strawberries and tastes like unsweetened strawberry yogurt. It is not unpleasant and is a more direct way to get these important bacterial cultures into your body than the countless other methods you could try. It has now been a week and I see, nor smell, any signs of my previous ailments and I have cut down the price to one 16 oz bottle per week at $11 rather than those little over-priced cups of yogurt and the damned pills every few days. I can finally feel clean and secure, without breaking the bank and without spending an hour every other day locked in the bathroom doing God knows what, according to my family... *haha* Good luck ladies and remember where there is a will, there is a way!

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Can you please email me the exact name of the vitamins you're using ?
It would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much and thanks a million for sharing your story.


Thank you for sharing your storey! I would greatly appreciate it if you could please email me the names of the vitamins you have used as well!

living the dream

Praise God! First for finding this site today and next, for not letting my search for an antibiotic match for VB that I might of had left over in my medicine cabinet. Finally, I'm grateful that I seemed to have found a DEFINITE relief for the twinges I get, right before the intense burning and itching. OVER-THE-COUNTER ANTIBACTERIAL OINTMENT. Use a mild one that you can find at Walgreens or even at the local Family Dollar Store. I just applied it while reading your posts, to see if there was anything I might have overlooked. Nope, I think I have tried everything. However, my situation is complicated by also having Candida. Many of you are describing Candida-like symptom. It is basically overgrowth of yeast in your body. Look up its symptoms. I hope you aren't infected with this horrible condition as I am. So, not only do I have chronic VB, I have Candida and herpes. I can't seem to win for loosing :(

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