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Hi everyone,
I am writing in hopes of helping any women like myself where none of the common remedies that helped most women helped me. But I feel like I have finally found a maintenance solution (so far). I have been having this issue since last year. Before breaking down and going to the doctor.

1. First tried Acidophilus both orally and suppositories..didn't work.
2. Then I tried Hydrogen Peroxide douches twice a day for a week. Also didn't work. Actually made the problem worse. Continued the Acidophilus anyway just in case.
3. Then I tried Boric Acid powder in a veggie capsule at bedtime for a week. Worked temporarily but returned.
4. After all of this, I gave up and bought the expensive homeopathic treatment at the drug store that had great reviews. The 6 day suppository BV Treatment by VH Essentials. Worked temporarily. Came back.
5. Tried the pills by VH Essentials. Didn't Work.
6. Tried Another round of the 6 day treatment. Didn't work at all this time.
7. Tried the Hydrogen Peroxide Again followed by inserting an Acidophilus suppository to regenerate good flora. Worked Temporarily.
8. Tried Vinegar.
9. Tried Yogurt.
10. Eventually I went to the doctor and I, of course, was diagnosed with BV as I knew because I had had it a couple of years before this had happened and I was prescribed Metronidazole. This worked for about 3 weeks and I was so relieved...but then it came back with a vengeance. So I called my doctor back and she sent a refill but said I would have to come back again if it came back after the second dose. Well I didn't want to do that. So I took the second dose while on my period. After the bottle ran out I could feel it coming back.
11. When my period ended, I did extensive research into the cause behind BV and finally figured that I wasn't treating the reason behind why the bad bacteria kept growing....My PH must not be acidic enough for whatever reason to make the environment unlivable for the bad bacteria. So I ordered some Pure Vitamin C crystals (Absorbic Acid) NOW Brand, Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support (to support regeneration and growth of good flora), and Femdophilus (just some extra support).

What I finally did that is working so far:

1. Filled Veggie Capsule with Pure Vitamin C Crystals and inserted vaginally (Warning: it burns). Let dissolve. I only did one treatment of this. If I feel it flaring up again I will repeat this step.

2. Take Ultimate Flora and Femdophilus nightly. I have been taking orally, but I'm sure you could take as a suppository as well.

3. Take vitamin C crystals orally every morning in veggie capsule to keep body's PH low (acidity high).

Though I would share for those of you who, like me, seem to have a particularly stubborn case of BV, or just a different reason behind it than most women on the net that have found more common treatments.

Hope this helps!

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