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I can't even believe i'm finally free from this horrible bacterial nightmare... I had been suffering from BV from what seemed like an eternity 4 long years i have tried everything from the yogurt to the vinegar to the antibiotics but nothing really ever worked, it always seemed to be a temp fix. I think it has been a combination of a few things, first off my diet; i watch my sugar intake very close, i drink tons of water n take all the probiotics recommended for women but what finally did the trick was HYDROGEN PEROXIDE yes this inexpensive sanitizer has finally cured my BV for what seems to be for good. I used it as a douche at least 3 -4 days a week n i finally have healthy clean non smelly discharge. Use equal parts water n peroxide u will feel n see the results almost immediately n each day just gets better. Good luck ladies please update me on your results!!! Y'all will be sooooo happy!!!

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I went ahead and gave this remedy a shot last night, having a mild outbreak of bv, I've been dealing with this problem for about 2 years now. I also work out a lot and I sweat a lot so anything will upset (my gf) so i have to be extra careful especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. It seems to resurface when I have sex without protection or when I dealing with a high volume of stress. ANYWAYS i tried the hydrogen peroxide remedy in a douche which i was very skeptical about since they say douching of any sort is a no-no but I did it....It felt the fizz but then I felt the sizzle OUCH! I guess my issue was more severe than I thought I would assume since it reacted that way. But i have to say it left me feeling quite refreshed down there. I checked out (my gf) to see if it would reduce the odor immediately but it didn't . After that I took a AZO yeast pill and a Natures Way Primadophilus Reuteri pill orally before bed. I woke this morning and there was NO ODOR!!! So far so good, I plan on trying this remedy for the next 2 days and then seeing what results Ill get.....wish me luck ladies and good luck in finding what works for you.

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