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6am up last 2 nights barely any sleep lots of pain killers. Pain kept coming back, crushed cloves, garlic and a little oil rubbed a q tip in the mixture then placed into the nerve, pain has subsided. Cloves and honey in lhot water also helps

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Got several fillings yesterday and one wasn't feeling right before I left the dentist. Can't get in until Friday at one o'clock. Here is my concoction. Mind you if your gums are sensitive due to recent cleanings and or fillings. Mind you this burned like hell but the pain meds aren't touching it. I took a half teaspoon everclear grain alcohol 190 proff a half teaspoon rumleminze and added baking soda and made a paste. Apply around the gums of the affected tooth. It burns tastes bad but in about a minute the burn was gone and so was the pain. Funny that the tooth wasn't bugging me until he was done. I mentioned it and was told to mozy along and call if there are problems. Now I get to go back get the tooth pulled wait for the rebuild of my partial and pay a 50 dollar copay formy emergency time on Friday. I can't eat anything solid but they need to eat the copay this time. Good luck with your pain. PS the post I found said to just use vodka but I used the strongest booze my husband has on hand


I was wondering what oil you used? Kust reg vegitable oil/olive oil?

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