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For head lice use Listerine (original flavor). We had lice in our home and used everything over-the-counter we could find. Someone told me about Listerine and it worked. I just put it in a spray bottle full strength. When I bathed the children, I would wash their hair with shampoo, I skipped the conditioner, then I sprayed the Listerine on their scalp and tried to leave it there for at least 10 minutes then rinse and don't shampoo again. The kids did complain that it stung so I would just get a cool cloth and lay it on their head, during the 10 minutes, changing periodically. It also helped to distract them by playing in the tub with some toys. I used it on myself too. It really worked. I did a treatment on them at every bath for a week, then once a week for a month, combing with a nit comb after I got them out of the tub. After the first application though, I did not see another louse or nit. Now whenever I hear of lice going around at school, I Listerine their head. As far as the bedding, furniture and carpet, I just used the over-the-counter products and vacuumed everything a lot, several times in one week. We've been lice free ever since.

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I meant to vote 10 FOR THIS BUT BY MISTAKE VOTED 5. This really works and is a lot safer than putting the pesticides found in OTC treatments on teir scalp. I soaked my girls hair with listerine, then put a shower cap over her head overnite. Next day they were all dead! Combed em out and repeated 3x over the next couple weeks. But I never saw any after that first time. I used the blue listerine.


Tried for the first time and it killed all of the lice. The nits seem to come unglued and were very easy to remove!


I also swear by Listerine, I soaked my daughter's hair in it and it worked!


My stepkids came to visit and one of them had lice and knew it and didn't tell. I am livid. Anyway, one of my girls got them. I tried olive oil and washed with Dawn. I found a live one on her head after I checked it. Then I moved on to the Listerine. I checked her head after 2 hours and found a dead one that fell right off so I figure it must be working. I have her hair in the vinegar now and I'm plannin on using some coconut milk, then Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treatment shampoo and conditioner then on to combing. I am also planning on buying some Denorex and Coconut shampoo to use sometimes as a deterrent and some tea tree oil to mix with water and spray on carpets, bedding and furniture. I'll let you know how it works.


I swear by listerine and white vinegar. Poured a giant bottle on my daughter's hair. You must saturate the entire head. Put a shower cap on for two hours. Took shower cap off and then poured white vinegar on and left it for two hours under cap. After that, shampooed with Denorex extra strength. This was followed by three hours of meticulous nit combing and picking. Pursuant to another posted recommendation I repeated this process (minus the white vinegar for four days). Each night picking nits out, taking very small, fine sections of hair. No live bugs seen again; however, misc. nits here and there must be removed, even the ones lower down on the hair shaft!

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