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Hi, I have a problem and not sure what it is. but as I was growing up, I had these white itchy patches, mostly on my arms. they then moved to my face so I started applying face lotion everyday, for years now. they went away but remained on my arms. I apply lotion and they never seem to go away. they would infact spread all over, from down my arms, to the side of my waist. the other day, one appeared on my lower arm, it was soooo itchy I couldn't stop. it started to turn red, and looked like it was ready to bleed. I went to my doctor once but he never gave me anything for them... anybody have these similar white dry patches? anything I can do?

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I have the same thing on my upper arms. The slang term for it is chicken skin, the real name is keratosis pilaris. You can buy some stuff at Sephora that will make it go away. There are also home remedies like coconut oil. Just look up chicken skin on Google and you will find a lot out about it. Hope this helps.


Try sulphur


did not work


Sounds a bit like psoriasis?

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