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I was maybe 16 when I first found a bump around my vagina, I was scared and went to the doctors for a pap smear. I told him about the bump and he said he couldn't see it and made me point to where it was. (I've never touched them in fear of it spreading) he said that it 'looked' like genital warts, he never gave me anything for it, a few weeks later it was gone. it never came back till a month before I had a turned 20. at first I thought it would go away like it did when I was younger,it's been like 3 months since I had found them again, they were small, I went to the doctors again and told him they had come back, he still couldn't see them but when I took a mirror down there I can see it. when the weeks went by while I waited, one got bigger.. I got tested for blood numerous times and did not have hpv come up. now I have to go for a colposcopy, where they look at the cells because something is wrong. when I was 15 I had a boyfriend for 3 years, so I assumed that I had gotten the warts from him but he said that he didn't have any.. not sure if he was lying but we would have sex (this was before I got checked out) and he said he felt a bump also. he had never gotten them and today he has a son with another girl.. I looked at the pictures and mine do not look like those. I'm ashamed to go to the doctors or my appointment for my colposcopy because it's huge but doesn't bother me at all. what should I do? the sound of acv or whatever seems scary and I don't even know where to buy that. help? suggestions? concerns? anything?

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Acv is just apple cider vinegar you can get it at any grocery store...also you can get warts from someone who has no visible one showing its a need to go to the doctor...don't be embarrassed it's their job


You need this minor procedure cuz you may have cancer cells just do i did it and it probably saved my life i did have cancer and they caught it and now,it's gone i was scared as well but this your life

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