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I found out two days ago I have genital herpes. I am 18. The guy I gave my virginity to at 16 gave me this, it's just laid dormant till now. Emotionally I am torn apart. It is SO COMFORTING to see all of your posts on this subject. I feel a little better with each column I read. None the less, I am striving with the next step... I am in school, I am in the USMC, and I am in a relationship with the love of my life. I told him, my current partner, everything as soon as I knew. He is scared about how it will effect us in the long run and generally upset. I told him I'd give him some time and space to evaluate this so I am moving out for a little while. He's trying to figure it out with me but were both pretty lost. I don't who to tell. I feel it's extremely personal but I don't want to be alone right now. Plus the marines will need to know soon.

My emotions aside, how can you treat the open sores in a way that doesn't cause more burning. (I have a high pain tolerance but those ladies using alcohol are TOUGH). Is there anything that makes going to the bathroom easier? My dr wants me back in after it heals up so maybe I can get more answers then. I'll ask her about the tree oil. And any other preventative remedies. Walking hurts, so I've been taking ibfrofen though I hate being so reliant on Rx drugs so any herbal pain relievers would be great! My dr has me taking Valacyclovir, does anyone have any experience with it?

I am trying to just wrap my head around the fact it doesn't go away. Thank you all for posting!

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Apply area with witchazel it soothes soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream camphor / menthol soothes and heals blisters followed by aclovir cream to minimise duration of the attacks this method is cheap effective and you can live with gh reasonably comfortably

Lacey Autumn

Hey, I too struggled with herpes and tried so many things. Different things
work for different people and I was lucky enough to find something that works for me. I haven't had any recent outbreaks and it's been a life changer.

I'm a little embarrassed to talk about my personal life here but if anyone actually cares to hear what I've been doing then I'd be happy to help in any way. Just send me an email at and I'll tell you about how things are going for me with the stuff I've tried.

I wish someone would have helped me out when I was struggling to find a solution so if I can help you then it would make my day.

Herbal Remedies

I took a more natural/homeopathic approach. These are things that have helped me:
Soak in bath for 20-30 min with Epsom Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol. If possible morning & evening. This will help dry out sores. It may sting & burn a little at first but that's a good thing.
I googled herbs & vitamins that help & purchased just about every vitamin & herb suggested! ha ha I have noticed I take the herbs more during outbreak & vitamins more as daily maintance to keep my immune system up. I suggest googling herbal remedies or natural remedies to help you decide what you want to try. Vitamins such as Lysine (I take 2000mg twice a day during outbreak, 500mg daily if not), zinc, Melissa/lemon balm, oil of oregano, olive leaf, bee propolis have been helpful for me. Tea tree oil, Carmex, cornstarch or gold bond are also nice for soothing the pain & help with itching.
After I soak in bath, I swab the area with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. you can use hair dryer on low/cool setting to dry area. I make a paste with crushed up lysine, zinc, Benedryl (or generic is fine), add any other herbs or vitamins you want to add, add drops of tea tree oil, aloe vera, zinc ointment, or coconut oil... Any of these will mix well as a paste. apply to sores with q-tip or cottonball (use several as to not spread infected area), again hair dryer helps if needed.
As they start to heal, zinc ointment on the area has been the best thing for me in healing quickly.


I'm so sorry about this, so young you are to have to deal with this.

Sara G

My boyfriend, for the past 5 months told me 3 wks ago he tested positive from a biopsy when he visited his Dr 2 wks prior. He said he hadn't been with anyone else except a few months prior to me & this was his 1st OB. He didn't even try to be physical with me the 2 wks he waited on his results. I didn't know whether to be angry cuz he may have given me a life sentence, he didn't tell me anything until he heard back from his Dr & or more upset with me for not protecting myself. I was only in 1 other relationship in the 3 years it took for me to divorce my abusive husband & I was married to him for 10 yrs. I did test pos. for the marker but haven't had an OB yet. Just felt extremely weak, tired, achy & sore several days. So depressing

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