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This may sound crazy, but we all know that a tooth ache will cause us to try anything, First brush teeth and exposed nerve, but when brushing the hurt part brush a little harder, I don't know why but make it hurt worse, hopefully it bleeds and relieves pressure, then rinse with warm salt water for a few minutes. I then put hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip, shove it in the hole or area, tilt head Val if it's upper. Leave for a minute, you may be in serious pain by now, but suck it up,, Next you need a flat head spectical screw driver, very small. Sounds crazy I know, sterilize with piroxide, and srape gently and find exactly where the nerve ending is, trust me when you find it you will know, remember where it is, use Q tip and clean are againe with peroxide. Now it may take a couple of tries and a steady hand. Heat the screw driver up at the tip until glowing red, carefully go back spot you found and burn the nerve ending, this will hurt,, but you'be been in pain all this time anyways, 2-3 minutes go bye, 100% pain free, not even sensetive, This method takes some balls but, but is 100% effective, no need to fill whole brush teeth again pain free, good luck.

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Ummmm.... I don't think I gonna this anytime soon! Sorry, but this does sound a lot of crazy! Wouldn't just be easier to low my head off?


Was this posted as a joke? You should never attempt to extract a root yourself. You could get an extremely dangerous blood infection.


You crazy son of a gun. Now that does take guts.Sounds extremely painful but in the long run better i suppose. You basically just killed the nerve with extreme heat.


Dude... You're a bas ass!!

Burnt nerve.

I did what he did but in another way.

My toot was on the top and I used matches to burn the exposed nerve.

The first time it hurts but eases the pain, and every time pain is back, you feel a weaker pain, burn it again and alleviate the pain, until one day when you'll notice that you have NO MORE PAIN AND ALSO, NO ALIVE NERVE, BUT YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TOOT TO USE WITH NO PAIN.

I've had toot ache in other toot before, but the burnt one was the one I could use normally until I had money to pull it out(abt 2yS later).

Call it insane, but it REALLY WORKS, no if nor buts.


Ok I'd be afraid of doing that just to only make it hurt worse. I never had a problem before with my teeth and well like they say, "never say never". I did say "yet" however.

Anyway, in now experiencing bad pain thought maybe from wisdom tooth and broke it broke molar I dk. I can't tell lol. But do you know any other ways to kill a nerve? Besides burning and less painful solution?

Probably better off waiting to go see a dentist. But need temporary relief until then..


I do this all the time I actually searched for this becuase it didnt seem to be used knowing it worked myself i think its being suppressed by big dental. Absolutely works instant relief if you do it right.

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