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Hi there,

(If you don't want to read the whole story - go to WHAT WORKED)

I got diagnosed with gential warts about 2 days ago. I'm 19 and apparently a lot of people my age get it, they just don't have symptoms. I am lucky that my warts don't appear to be cancerous - so they are basically just ugly and annoying to have.

The doctor put this acid on the warts but told me that the skin might burn off and it could be quite painful. I wanted to find another way to treat the warts that was a bit more natural.

I tried ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)
- I felt as though it was burning the surrounding skin too much and I didn't like it. My warts don't really look like the ones in the pictures - they are flat and white and spread out (not cluster) - so it wasn't worth it burning my whole vag haha


I also recently got diagnosed with the HSV virus and so I've been taking a TON of immune boosters. One thing that I've been taking that I notice a huge difference in my energy, irritability and focus is ZEOLITE (powdered)

I don't know anything about liquid zeolite but I read a study showing it isn't as effective. The explanation was that rock works by being porus (excuse my spelling.) Apparently, the liquid zeolite is so refined that the pores don't really exist. I'm not too sure but a lot of people are saying liquid zeolite is a scam.


So I just took the power and put it on my skin. It felt like the warts were pulsing for awhile after. BUT literally only 8 hours later - the most infected area had NO WARTS. I put so more on last night and it cleared up even more - and again this morning.

Zeolite has been the best thing that has happen to my health. I recommend looking it up. The powdered one!

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I just bought Zeolite (powdered)

I've been taking it internally aswell but I put it on my warts and within hours they were goneeeee


Can I ask where yours were? Mine are on the perineum and so Im afraid it will only irritate it more.


May I ask you where you got yours at?


Where did you purchase zeolite? Also how long do I leave the powder on?


I got mine from and ordered Zeolite Pure... I sure do hope it works, cause ACV burns like hell!!!


I have been using zeolite for 3 days and nothing has changed, so to me it doesnt work at all...


I got mine from Zeo Health canada
This is where I bought mine.


Did you mix anything with the zeolite? Or just straight powder


I don't think it works. i tried using zeolite powder mix with a little water to make paste. i tried it for 3 days and nothing has changed. it is a very dangerous product too

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