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I've had genital herpes for about 8 years. I have found that applying rubbing alcohol to the sore is quite effective in drying them out quickly. I'm am I'm the healthcare profession and generally alcohol is not recommended for anything except for disinfecting surface areas and skin, it's an old school remedy for treating pimples, scrapes, and wounds. But I'm going against my profession and will say that this works for me. It generally dries out my sores in less than 3 days without the use of anti viral medications such as Valtrex. Applying the alcohol does burn, however if I turn a hair dryer on the cool setting and point at the affected area while applying the alcohol it doesn't burn at all. My outbreaks only tend to occur on the putter labia (tougher skin) so this may not work as well for those who have outbreaks on the penis or inner labia. Hope this helps!

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I've had herpes on my tonsils since I can remember, 8-9.. Now I am 20 and had my first genital outbreak going on day 4 now and thanks to your post I bought rubbing alcohol yesterday and seriously all of them are drying up. Thankfully my pain tolerance is extremely high because it burns like a Mf on the inner labia lol. Thank you for sharing this info though it really helped me!!


You are right I also use rubbing alcohol, works great, but I also take 500mg of Valtrex qday, because my partner is negative. I take breaks from Valtrex (only if I'm not stressed out)and apply organic aloe Vera gel qday during this time, I don't recommend the use of aloe Vera gel during an outbreak because it keeps sores moist. Most important keep your health up, eat well, and exercise to elevate stress.

A victim of Rap.

I was diagnosed with HPV2 Feb 09, 2014
I was rapped. I'm married and was so afraid what my husband would think or that I had a affair that I did go in to see a Doctor for weeks. Finally I had to go in. I have a vaginal OB inside that will not go away. I have tried just about everything and still they are there. Getting smaller but still there. It's been almost two months I have suffered from this. I'm on a RX now going on the second set of them, but was wondering what is the best oil cream ect to use for a OB inside? Can anyone help me with this? I have yet to try the Tea tree oil. TY


I use diaper rash cream called Butt Paste for the inside esp. When the outbreak feels raw. It will dry up almost immediately.


Help please I've been having ob like every 2 weeks with symptoms in between im taking acyclovir 3 times a day 800mg. But is not helping.. im running out of options and patience I've been living with hsv2 for 12 years and it has never been this bad. What can i do my sex life is non existent right now cause my husband doesnt have it. However he has oral hsv1. Would him having that proctect him from catching hsv2 if we had sex?

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